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Welcome To vLearn

Learning Management Software

vLEARN is a powerful and innovative LMS software suite. Using it, you can easily manage your entire online and face-to-face teaching and learning programmes on a fully scalable and flexible hosted platform.

Welcome To vLearn

Learning Management Software

Take your School Online With vLearn.

Features And Functionality

Learning Management System

Generically, LMS solutions support the management and delivery of both face-to-face and on-line teaching and training programmes. In schools and colleges, students, teachers, parents, curriculum managers and administrators become part of the seamless, scalable experience offered by the built-in learning platform features, for a stress-free experience.

vLearn-LMS is a one-stop platform for everyone involved in the process. It provides a medium for conducting both face-to-face and online courses by schools and colleges, coaching/training centres, and all other types of educational institutions. This allows students to continue their studies whether on-site or at home, even during inclement weather, pandemics’, holidays, etc.

vLEARN-LMS is scalable, so whether you want to ‘start small’ with a single department, faculty, subject, year group, cohort, etc., or go for the ‘big bang’ with the whole organisation, we will help you get it up and running with the minimum of disruption and the maximum advice, support and training.


A fully installed, onboarded, implemented, and supported system as described on our web site https://lms-vlearn.vinnovatetechnologies.com for a 3-month trial

At the end of the trial:

  • Either, pay the introductory offer price of the system (see our web site for details) to entirely own it, with no further charges*, or…
  • decide not to continue. We will take down your installation and you will incur NO COSTS.

During the trial, you can make requests and suggestions for enhancements, improvements and links to your existing MIS system. These will be assessed by our development team, and if incorporated into the system, will be supplied ENTIRELY FREE OF CHARGE.

NO FURTHER CHARGES for the continued use of the system, including generic updates and enhancements. Charges may be made for additional, optional services such as bespoke one-off software development, ongoing system management, continuing support, staff training, etc. To register your interest, use the ‘Contact button.


vLEARN is multi-lingual, and, being cloud-based, is available worldwide. Please use the currency converter link below to estimate* the price in your country. (Converter will appear in a new window in your default web broser).

* The actual cost will be calculated using the exchange rate in force at the time payment is made


Why 'piecemeal' is sometimes best

The ‘received wisdom’ is that to be of any real value, software designed to support management functions in schools and colleges needs to be used throughout the organisation.

At vLEARN, we challenge that assumption in relation to the management of TEACHING and LEARNING. What is required in a Reception class is a million light years away from what is best for Sixth Form students and their teachers. Approaches with SEND students can be vastly different from teaching Art & Design in a secondary school. And maybe, whilst the science department is ready to take on a new opportunity, other areas of the school are not.

Hence ...

... in designing vLEARN and its pricing structure, we have made it possible for schools and colleges to adopt a ‘piecemeal’ approach, allowing it to be used in one area of the organisation and, if appropriate, for its influence to spread imperceptibly through experience and necessity.

Some examples of viable and affordable starting points include:-

  • A small rural primary school
  • A department or faculty in a senior school
  • A Key Stage in a primary school
  • The SENDCo in a school
  • An engineering course coordinator in a vocational college
  • … add your own area(s) of need

To achieve this ...

... firstly, it had to offer everything that a head of department/year, SENDCo, classroom teacher, student or parent could possibly want in relation to student learning IN ONE PLACE, with seamless structures to manage the complexities and idiosyncracies within a modern school or college.

Secondly, it had to offer more than the traditional paper-based learning management systems being used in most schools. So we have incorporated state-of-the-art AI technology to provide auto-digitising processes to make best use of existing resources, and to offer students and parents 24/7 help and support via our unique AI ChatBot “Lavern”.

Thirdly, in these financially challenging times, it had to be AFFORDABLE, even for the smallest schools, and it had to NOT commit them to continuing license payments year after year

Finally, it had to offer a COMPLETE PACKAGE including all necessary set-up and configuration, importing of student, staff and parent records, with training and hand-holding support to import existing learning materials, all for a fixed price*, with the ability in future to include more students for the difference in cost.

And as if that was not enough of an incentive, for the first quarter of 2023 we are offering a FREE 3-MONTH TRIAL with a buy/no buy option at the end of it!

Check out this video and then read all about this amazing new system and how you can make it a key part of your management strategy.

Who can use our service?

Schools, Education Institutions

Coaching Institutions

Enrichment Course Centers

Corporate Trainers

Online course Trainers

vLearn (User Roles and Interfaces)

Why Choose vLearn, What LMS Features Help Your Organization Do Better?

Whilst vLEARN has everything you need to manage teaching and learning; it remains straightforward and intuitive to use. Plus our friendly and professional support team is always available to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Summarised Notes, Videos, Audios,PPTS
  • MCQ/Descriptive Type Exam/ Result Upload Functionality
  • Integration with Zoom, Live Chat, White Board
  • Open Room discussion between Principal, Teachers, Students and Parents
  • Onlineclassroom/ Course Section/ Events/ Notification/ Poll
  • System Login : SuperAdmin/ Admin/ Teacher/ Parent/ Student
  • Notices/ Group discussion/ Notification/ Feedback/ Alerts
  • Students Analyses/ Performance/ Badges upgrades automatically
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